How To Have Sex With A Female Escort On First Meeting?

Sex is an art, and mastering it is not the hardest job in the world. You can easily be intimate with your partner in different ways. However, you must know a few things before having sex with your Wellington escort girls services near me for the first time. Providing them with an enjoyable experience for both sides would be a good idea. One of the main reasons why people hire escorts is because they want to add something spicy that they cannot add with their wife or girlfriend.

Understanding how a good starting can be done

Before meeting your escort, one of the most necessary things is to clean your body and your sexual organ also. A dirty body can easily work as a turn-off for your escorts independent. However, you can also use deodorant to make your body smell, but using it in a high quantity would not be a good idea.

Try to remove all the hair from your shaft and testicles. Hair might not be a good hygienic thing, so removing all the hair from your body and sexual organs would be a good idea because your escort would also do the same so that you do not have to face any problem touching her private part.

Take your time with things and start a conversation with your call girls to know what type of thing she likes or not. After that, you can lie down in bed with your companion.

Make sure that you play with your escort to increase the excitement

Playing kinky games with her will excite her, and you can start removing her clothes until you take all the clothes off her body. Once your escorts feel comfortable with you, you can do anything you want after undressing. If you want to enhance your experience of having first-time sex with the court, start with lip kissing and press her breast slowly.

After some time, you can go and kiss her breast and start sucking her boobs. Sucking it harder will make your escort realize that you like her breast so much. Then, slowly continue going down to her body until you reach her vagina. Touching her vagina with your hand and rubbing it slowly will arouse both of you, and you can start kissing her vagina.

Foreplay is necessary with your escort.

Touching her vagina properly would completely sedate your mature escorts. You can also enjoy and make her experience eye-watering by putting your tongue in her vagina. Giving her a penis would be a good idea so that she can also play with it, and you will also enjoy a good orgasm. After all these things, you will be completely ready for the final play, sex.


Escorts are also human beings, so you must treat them with respect. Once they feel comfortable with you and get respect from you, they will also respect all your decision and help you to fulfill all your fantasies and desire without questioning anything. So hire today and enjoy your best tonight.